Touch History

CFM Volunteer Harry Franklin


If you are interested in aviation history, in meeting and helping people, and in having fun at the same time, then you should become a volunteer at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

Prospective volunteers must:

  • Be at least 18-years-old with at least a High School education
  • Demonstrate a high degree of dedication and motivation towards the mission of the museum
  • Be of good character and possess good people skills
  • Submit an application, attend an Orientation session, become a member of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum and complete a total of 30 volunteer hours before becoming a permanent volunteer

Call 972-380-8800 for more information.

CFM Volunteer Jerry Nolan


Job Description


This dedicated corps serves many functions. Frequently they are the face of the museum to the general public: volunteers greet visitors, answer questions, conduct tours, and attend to the special needs of our patrons.


Volunteers assist the museum staff in maintaining the appearance of our aircraft. In doing so, they get a close-up view of these vintage planes that is available to only a select few pilots and mechanics.


Volunteers often travel as needed to airshows and fly-ins, where they perform similar duties as in the museum.